Steve L. – Vernon Hills, IL – 4/2/2012

I just wanted to drop a note to DentalPlans.com to let you know the savings I was able to enjoy by using my Family Plan for my son’s braces. Having received estimates of $5,581 and $4,930 from 2 different orthodontic practices, I was able to get a price of $2,998 from a highly regarded orthodontist that is part of the Cigna Dental Network Access group that we are a part of. In that I was able to save $2,000 is incredible. I highly recommend the DentalPlans program to any individual or family. Not only did we save $2,000 on the braces, but have saved significant additional dollars on 3 crowns that my wife needed, along with cleanings, x-rays and exams for the rest of my family.


Kimberly M. – Imperial, PA – 3/20/2012

I purchased a DenteMax Dental Plan late last year at my dentist’s suggestion. I paid just over a hundred dollars for it, and although reluctant to purchase a plan, I thought it might be worth it in terms of dental savings since I no longer have “free” dental through my health insurance. Last week I went to the dentist and had a cavity filled and two small “extenders” put on tooth edges that had crumbled. That hours worth of dental service totalled nearly $500. With my dental plan discount, I ended up paying $263. That was quite a savings, since the plan has already paid for itself and then some in just one visit to the dentist. Next month I go for a regular cleaning. Instead of paying $75, I’ll be paying $45. This plan was a really good idea!


Mary L. – Lula, GA – 3/14/2012

My Grandaughter needed braces. I checked out the orthodontist on my plan and scheduled consultation appointments. I found one that she really liked and we saved over $1,000 by using this plan. This really helped a lot. Thank you so much.


Sharon R. – Barrington, NJ – 3/8/2012

I am a new member to DentalPlans.com. I was referred by a coworker who told me how happy he was with his plan. I didn’t have dental coverage and had checked out many dental insurance plans. The major flaw with dental insurance is that you can’t use it right away. You have to wait weeks, months, or even a year to be eligible to use the benefits that you already paying for! When I found out about the dental savings plans, I was beyond thrilled! For the first time, I had a plan that allowed me to see my own dentist!! Many other times in my life, I had dental insurance which did not allow me to see my own dentist. My plan also gave me vision benefits which I have happily used as well. Thank you DentalPlans.com!!!! I tell everyone about it!


Valorie B. – Rockport, ME – 3/8/2012

I had never heard of Aetna Dental until my daughter needed just over two thousand dollars worth of dental work. At the appointment, I was more than shocked & anxious about the anticipated costs, when the receptionist at the dentist’s office said they were now accepting Aetna Dental and gave me the information for the website. I was lucky enough to get the whole family enrolled at a time when we were given 3 months free which reduced the price to begin the program. When I took my daughter for the dental work, was I amazed at how much we saved – two-thirds the regular cost of the work! The savings more than covered the enrollment fee and we were able to save on future appointments the remainder of the year as well. It is WELL WORTH doing, especially if you do not have dental insurance and you have a family.


Sharyl R. – Minneapolis, MN – 3/7/2012

I recently went to a new dentist that accepted my plan because of a loose bridge. I knew that was going to be a costly visit and was grateful for my discount plan when the fee of $4,722.00 was discounted to $3,469.00. Thank you, DentalPlans.


Maureen H. – Staten Island, NY – 3/7/2012

We older folk don’t get much help from Medicare or our HMOs for dental work, and as we age, dental work becomes more prevalent in our lives. I recently needed an extraction which as always turned into a fiasco with me – my roots seem to run to China and back. My dentist tries his best to give me a break, but with my dental plan card, I got even more of a break – this was very important since I had to go back about 4 times to get this tooth in order.


Luke W. – Belding, MI – 3/7/2012

I bought the DentaMax plan from your site, and I’m glad I did. I had to have two wisdom teeth pulled, which isn’t cheap. Between X-Rays, nitrous, and the extraction, I saved about $300. Thank you.


Maureen A. – Viera, FL – 3/7/2012

My husband & I have saved hundreds of dollars using our discount plan from DentalPlans.com. I am a retired dental assistant. When we moved from New York to Florida, it was difficult to find a dental office that suited our needs. A friend of ours recommended DentalPlans.com, and when a new dental practice opened close to home, the dentists participated in several plans. We are now very happy with our dentist, and are happier with the savings we have in dental fees. Since we get cleanings every 3 months, the difference in just the cleanings alone pay for the discount plan. We save on cleanings, exams, x-rays and crowns. Every procedure is discounted. I recommend this service to anyone who is interested in saving on their dental fees.


Mary B. – Great Falls, VA – 3/7/2012

We are a family of four, my husband, myself and two kids. For years I had purchased the dental plan offered by my employer, but when my premium got to be almost as high as the premium for my medical/health plan, I said ENOUGH! It just wasn’t worth it. That’s when I discovered the Aetna Plan which has been terrific and saved me hundreds of dollars a year on dental procedures. My dentist gives the family the discounted rate on all our work. I have recommended it to several colleagues at the office who are also unhappy with their dental premiums.


Sharon W. – San Antonio, TX – 3/7/2012

I just realized a huge savings using my Alliance HealthCard Gold Card. It saved me hundreds of dollars.


Larry E. – Las Vegas, NV – 3/6/2012

The day after my membership went into effect, I saved $560.00 on an implant procedure.


Etsuko M. – Las Vegas, NV – 2/15/2012

I was able to go to the everybody’s favorite children’s dental office because of the discount from my Dental Plan. It brought down the cost to almost half. I have two children and the family plan worked great. It’s worth it.


Lloyd W. – Jacksonville, FL – 2/15/2012

I have had dental insurance before and was wary of a discount plan as I have now. However, I am very satisfied with Dr. Boldt here in Jacksonville and the net cost of my care because of the discounts I get through my discount dental plan.


Judy W. – The Dalles, OR – 2/14/2012

Wow, I love this plan. So easy. And the results for your teeth with the savings is pure goodness.


Mark T. – Palm Coast, FL – 2/12/2012

My wife just had paradontics surgery and it saved us a bundle of money. The dentist also does Bruce Springstien’s teeth. Saved almost two thousand dollars. Have to say it’s better than the federal dental insurance plans. I’m retired and would recommend this to all my friends.


Marlene M. – Lake Placid, FL – 2/12/2012

Thank Goodness for DentalPlans.com. Through the years before I had a dental plan, I would have teeth extracted because I couldn’t afford to get crowns or any other costly dental work. I didn’t get teeth cleaned once a year let alone twice. Also, I was in a terrible car accident and some teeth were badly damaged. Other than front teeth, I eventually lost all back teeth. I recently was losing a front tooth and because I had a dental plan, I was able to get a permanent partial. I also get cleanings twice a year. Also, my husband has had to have crowns installed since we joined DentalPlans. DentalPlans has helped us keep and maintain the teeth we have. A big thanks to DentalPlans.com, it is well worth the one time a year membership fee!


Susan T. – Solon, OH – 2/12/2012

In November of 2010 at my regular dental visit for a cleaning with a dentist I had been with for 40 years, it was suggested to me that I see a periodontist. I asked why and the hygienist that has cleaned my teeth for a good part of these years told me I needed a scaling. When I asked what that was and the cost, I was upset that I needed this after religiously visiting their office every 6 months and never being told there might be a problem. So I got on the Internet and found an office that did this work. In December 2010, I visited this office to have a gum chart done, and found out I had bone loss and pockets from 2 and 3 to 7 and 8. I was in tears, not only because of the condition of my teeth and gums, but I trusted my long time dentist and felt used. So I had the scaling done and followed by laser treatment. I am self employed, and had to pay for the total cost $1,100. I began to look into dental plans, and insurance is expensive. I was going to need a good amount of work to try and repair the damage done by years of substandard care. I found Dentalplans.com and saw that I could get a discount plan that would help with the cost for a reasonable price. UPromise also gave me a discount on the plan and money in my grandson’s college savings fund for my joining, it was a win win deal so I joined. I have saved about $1,000 so far and will be renewing for another year. I was lucky my new dentist was on the list from DentalPlans and accepted the plan, because I am now able to get the work I need done and save a considerable amount of money.


Rachel P. – Washington, DC – 2/12/2012

In just a few short months, my dental savings plan has paid for itself several times over. I have had a checkup, a cleaning and a filling replaced. The savings I received on these services far exceeds the amount I paid for the plan. I have found this to be a very good value for the money.


Tony D. – Norwalk, CT – 2/12/2012

I had two molars missing side by side and could not chew on the right side of my mouth. This was going to cost $3,000 each for implants. But with my DentalPlans discount, I was only charged $2,300 each. So now I can chew again and saved $1,400 in dental expenses with my discount plan.



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